Friday, April 7, 2017

Fashion Predictions

By applying the power of bibliomancy to current headlines, I can foresee the future trends of fashion in coming seasons.  I see elements of 50's and 60's era looks returning for a few seasons, before hippy, punk, and other counterculture elements start showing up, perhaps towards Sept-Oct of 2018 (whichever season that is...Spring 2019?).

What do you think?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Lips of a different color

My mid-afternoon tea break: 
About to take a sip, I glance at the rim of my mug.
"I can't drink that", I exclaim, "I'm not even wearing that color lipstick anymore!!"
It's possible that I may sort of change out lip colors throughout the day...  I have MLCD (multiple lip-color disorder).

You know how it goes.  You swipe on a shade in the morning, thinking it's the best color ever, then somewhere mid-day you catch a reflection in different lighting, wondering what you were thinking as you hastily wipe it off.  While I've managed to whittle down my shades considerably, I'm still a sucker for lip color and am always on the hunt for the elusive "perfect shade".

From the Abyss It Crawls Forth...

Hang on while I scrape off some of this blog-abyss ichor that's been tenaciously clinging to my digits...

Much better.

Forgive me blogosphere, for I have sinned.  It has been humhrm*coughcough*hmm days since I've last posted, for which I am not in the slightest bit sorry.

What have I been doing?  I have been sewing....kinda. Mostly I've been sewing bras, as it's been a pressing and urgent need

I've become a fan of the Watson Bra pattern by Cloth Habit.  The instructions are easy to follow (when One, not admitting who, reads them), and the construction is pretty straightforward. 

I'll admit my first Watson came together like a Scottish castle in a Monty Python skit (you're not getting pictures!!), but once I figured out what went wrong the later iterations came together more easily, with marked improvements at each go.

As we all know, tracing off a pattern is a great way to make personalized adjustments, which I was able to do pretty easily here.  I added a skosh more seam allowance (more on that later), and I've been gradually adding more width to the bridge with each make. 

On to the good stuff:  Each make is fully power mesh, and all are fully lined.  The black and ivory bras are lined in cotton jersey, and the red is lined in a chiffon tricot.  All fabrics were purchased from, and the elastics, rings, notions, and clasps are from Sew Sassy Fabrics (luuuuuuuurrrrrrve this vendor!!).


Friday, September 30, 2016

Beauty Tips: #1

If someone sincerely compliments you on your look, even if you were slathering foundation on as you were running out the door, don't add to it.  This is how you end up with eyeliner on your nose.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thousand Things

I can't tell you about the thousand things that break my heart
The thousand cuts of injustice happening every day
I cannot meet the eyes of those around me
Without revealing the sadness and compassion swelling inside
An ocean of tears to spill out for each face
Arms not big enough to embrace them
Hands not strong enough to hold them all
Knowing behind each set of eyes is a whole new universe
A world of stories never given word

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Don't be boring! (or, My Inner D.V.)

If you haven't seen it (and frankly, if you're spending valuable internet time reading an amateur sewing blog, you probably have), I recommend watching the documentary "The Eye Has to Travel: Diana Vreeland". 

I can't guarantee it will be a life-changing experience, but if you're at all interested in fashion, it will be entertaining.  Let's face it, she was one of the The Most Influential people in the fashion industry for ages, not to mention a gifted storyteller.  She was an eccentric, innovative, glamorous, and interesting woman, which IMO, is a sorely needed spice in the fashion stew of today.  (I also recommend reading "D.V. " by Diana Vreeland, if you are so inclined.)

Regardless, having watched the documentary a few (at least five) times over the past couple years, I do sometimes find her voice sniggling through my brain when looking for clothes or sewing patterns instructing "Don't be boring!"

I'll admit I've been habitually a small capsule wardrobe kind of gal, mainly due to cost factors and eensy closet space (love old buildings, hate the closet space).  As such, I do tend to gravitate towards relatively basic colors and shapes that, while interchangeable, just don't possess the flair that elevates it from "acceptable thing to put on my body" to "I must have this in my closet NOW".

I'm working on that.

Basic pieces will always have a place in my wardrobe (let's not get into my obsession with the boatneck tee), but I have a definitive need to add pieces that capture the eye and interest on the "hustling down the street to work, 'oh hey that looks fab'" kind of way.

As such, in addition to (plenty) of other patterns, I've added these to my pattern collection:

Vogue 1493, by Koos van den Akker:

 Easily my favorite out of the bunch. Appliques aside, the sleeves and lines can be altered all kinds of ways that are more interesting than the standard cardigan or blazer.

Vogue 1498 by Nicola Finetti

 I love this play on the halter dress.  Being a gal with the shoulders to propel her into hourglass territory (even if my bust doesn't qualify, based on some designers' standards), a halter has been a shape I've found to be rather flattering on my shape. 

And then there is Vogue 1411, the Custom Fit line by Sandra Betzina:

 The envelope may not look like much, but the line drawings were what caught my attention (hoping it's kosher to post this).

The lines here really caught my interest.  There are a lot of things that can be done with this pattern, whether you go with one fabric throughout, use piping or trim on the seams, or use different textures and sheens (my brain envisions a stretch knit with stretch leather inserts).

So those are some of my inspirations. What are your inspirations to add spice to your wardrobe?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sewing While Moving - Now Without Pictures!!

With Real Life intruding on my precious precious time for sewing, I admittedly haven't made a ton of new things.  Also, when just about every bit of living space is stacked with boxes or piles of your family's belongings, you're seriously undermotivated to pose.*

*Not to mention the perma-frazzled look one tends to get in these situations isn't exactly Vogue-ready.

Thus far I've made the tank dress version of McCall's 6744, and have received a LOT of compliments on it.  As in, the kind of compliments that give you a complex about what you've been wearing this whole time up till now.  I added an inch and a half to the waist, though I could probably omit that in the back and just grade it.  The important thing I learned while wearing the dress is that a full coverage bra isn't the best suited for the design.  Go demi cup, or go raise the neckline a bit before cutting. 

One of the Most Important Items has been a modification of the leggings from McCall's 7122.  As anyone whose body structure and musculature were never designed to have a "thigh gap" knows, or if you've ever had a Marilyn moment when walking down the street on a windy day, bike shorts are your best friend when wearing skirts and dresses.  The Big 4 didn't disappoint, so I got to vanity size myself down a size when cutting.  And then took it in some more.  I did make a tracing of the pattern, which I know will have further alterations down the line.  The pattern is simple enough that I didn't bother looking at the instructions.*

*I'm not even going to bother with pictures.  Bike shorts are mainly functional, but YAWN.

A closet hole that became readily apparent after slogging through the oven that is our city's downtown while wearing denim and polyester (on more than one occasion, might I add), is the need for summer weight pieces in natural fabrics.  So I made a self-drafted tiered skirt out of cotton gauze.  Considering it's basically all a series of gradated rectangles all stitched together, it's almost a no-brainer project.  I did draft in and sew a lining to protect my underwear's modesty.*

*It's so self-conscious.

So that's my update on recent projects (that I can't be bothered to take pictures of right now), what about yours?