Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's a Potty Mouth Hobby

Sewing is profanity inducing.  Sure, it's a fun and rewarding hobby, but there are times when the thread and cusswords flow like coffee from a freshly brewed pot.

Such as:

Seeing this when you're 3/4 through finishing your project:

Awww sh!%, come on, just 4 more seams!!

Or your rotary cutter jumping the ruler and taking a slice out of your finger.

It stopped bleeding...eventually

 Or your seam ripper going rogue while opening a buttonhole and ripping halfway across the bodice 3 days before you have to stand up in a wedding. (Someday, Vogue 2960, someday.)

And that's not even delving into picking out stitches gone awry (sonofab!&@$), machine needles breaking and rocketing around the room (f*@$), fabric doing a slip n' slide under the presser foot (g^dd#mm!t), or the many other hitches and stitches that throw a project (and your clean language) off the rails.

I need more coffee.


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