Monday, December 7, 2015

Stash Storage (or, How I do Structural Engineering)

The stash was getting out of control. And by out of control, I mean forming a small hillock and building fortifications of shipping boxes while plotting its takeover of the rest of the living room.

Considering our apartment is about the size of a mid-calf boot box, this impending incursion was not to be borne.  The plastic file box that had served as a containment unit was no longer sufficient, so I had to find something new.  On to the local Ace to procure a couple of Sterilite 3 drawer wheelie storage units.

Take THAT marauding stashmonster!
At just over 14.25 inches in depth, they fit sideways into the 15" slot I have available for fabric storage.  Which means I'll have to pull them out in order to open the drawers, making the wheels a handy necessary feature.  Future Grumpy Self could foresee the efficiency issues with having to pull out 2 separate sets of drawers.  (Anticipating future grumpiness and finding workarounds has been elevated to an Art.)

At this point, if I were on a home decorating show, I'd build a wraparound casing out of plyboard and some moulding to make it look like a single piece of actual furniture.

But I'm not, so I came up with this super ingenious and fancy solution:

I should totally have my own home decorating show.
Shmexy, right?  It was so labor intensive that it might have eaten up a whole 5 minutes.

Eventually I may have to come up with a solution that has more structural integrity than knotted strips of pinked muslin, but that's a problem for Future Grumpy.  Present Grumpy is pleased with the results.

Immediate Future Grumpy is going to get another cup of coffee.

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