Monday, January 25, 2016

I haven't sewed jack.

Or more precisely, I haven't sewed anything that revolved around something other than repairs of my boyfriend's clothes.  It's not like I haven't had a project cut out and sitting on my sewing table for almost a month.  (Butterick 5354)  And the pattern itself was chosen for its supposedly "Fast & Easy" traits.  But I'm seriously unmotivated to work on it.

Some of my blas√© probably comes from recouping after a hectic end of year.  Frankly, sitting on the couch watching anime is far more interesting than sewing this shirt.  I'm also less than inspired with the fabric.  It's part of a stash busting effort, and I was interested in using the ITY knit I had chosen, up until I actually started working with it.  The fabric has wonderful drape, and I think would work well with the pleated neckline to avoid too much boxiness in the finished shirt.

But the damn fabric snags faster than your pantyhose before a big interview.  I managed to cut around the pilled snags, but I worry that the finished shirt will get snagged all too easily under all the winter layers.

The project is fast on its way to bagged UFO-land.  What has kept it out of the plastic bag of shoved-awayness, is all the tailor's tacks I have yet to put in for the pleat marks.  I still intend to finish the damn thing at some point, if only to test fit and construction, so it's necessary to mark all the important matchy bits on the pattern.  (My inner brat throws a tantrum every time I even half-way think about it.)

Since my workspace is pretty small, the cut pattern is taking up space and keeping me from really working on anything else.

As you all know, being stalled in your own sewing, talking about how you want to sew, but are unmotivated, leads to the dreaded SWAG projects.  I really need to start sewing for myself soon so I can have a better excuse to avoid doing (yet another) clothing repair for someone else.

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