Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lazy Dressing: or "No seriously, why don't you fix that?"

While all I've been doing lately is minor repair work for other people (ok, so it's my boyfriend and I can't begrudge him (too much)), I keep noticing how few people are willing (or able) to make minor repairs.  (He actually can, but I know he's trying to grump-start me back into sewing for myself by piling on the OPP+.)

+Other People's Projects

I work in a mixed age office and I hear so many 20-something colleagues griping about their clothes fitting, tearing, buttons falling off, or laughing off falling zippers.  ("It always happens!  LOL!") 

In my 30's, I don't feel like there's that much of an age difference, but it does boggle my mind that relatively minor fixes are shrugged off or neglected. 

Adding a hook and eye to a falling zipper, or sewing buttons back on clothes is a pretty quick fix, will extend the life of the clothing, and give you peace of mind when out and about.  With all the cameras everywhere, the last thing you'd want is a Fashion Oops when walking down the street or shimmying in the club.  I should hardly think you'd want your debut exposé to generate rounds of snickers at workplaces across the region.  With the way the internet works these days, you could go viral and become an overnight internet meme!!  (Which may not be a detractor for some, in which case, flaunt those defrocked moments and lavish in the digital infamy!)

As for holes in popped seams, it's so much better to take the item out of rotation until it gets fixed.  You may think others won't notice, but they do, even if they don't comment on it.  At least to you.  You'd be surprised at what you'll overhear while coming round odd corners. 

While you could take the repairs to a dry cleaners, learning to do a few minor repairs yourself can really save you time and money in the long term.

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