Thursday, May 12, 2016

Curses, Weather!! (aka Seasonal SWOAP)

The weather has been a tease all spring.  A day or two of mild warm weather before dropping suddenly into gloves and hat temperatures.  It's turned out to my benefit since I haven't been sewing as assiduously as I would like, so I've been able to drag out my winter makes for a while.

But this morning.  This muggy, smuggy morning.  Contrary to trend, this morning after a massive thunderstorm was not cold and miserable.  Instead, it was humid, warm, and miserable.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of wading through swampy air to arrive at work feeling like a damp dishrag.

I've decided I should probably get on with sewing more seasonal clothing.

My Spring/Summer wardrobes have been habitually sparse for (probably) ever.  When it comes to things like sun, heat, or humidity, I transform into a wilting flower.  You'd think after years of scrambling to pull together some decent outfits when the weather is like an athlete's armpit after a triathlon in the Everglades warmer, I'd have bothered to make a point of adding more summery clothes.  I haven't.  I'm one of those people who will buy for work before buying for play, which means I've mainly acquired clothes with the assumption of spending a whole day in a climate controlled icebox office.

Most of my adult life wardrobe has been built around a small capsule wardrobe, which does have its benefits, but frankly it's just too easy to get stuck in a style rut and either ignored or overlooked.  I'll admit I have a love for drama and flair in clothes that a small wardrobe doesn't always offer.  (Funnily enough, this led to my love of scarves, which led to my learning silk painting.)

Luckily sewing seems to help me expand my wardrobe horizons.  The downside is that I have a lot of holes to fill in my closet.  So I will be largely Sewing Without A Plan.  Some things will be whipped together with the material I have in the stash to take care of some immediate needs (more shirts).  Others will need to emerge more as the need arises (more skirts, dresses, shorts, etc.) and time allows.

It can be honestly a bit overwhelming with how much I need to sew and still stay seasonally appropriate.  And I can't forget about my fall wardrobe needs either, which I will need to start on somewhere in mid-July with the rate I sew. 

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